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Loan Sizer
Commercial Funding's proprietary LOAN SIZER allows you to calculate the approximate maximum amount of debt a commercial property can carry and thus the approximate maximum that you will be able to borrow against it. Additionally, if a property does not have sufficient carrying capacity on its own you may still be able to borrow the amount required by considering your personal income and expenses. Follow the simple steps below to do the analysis. Give us a call at 888.520.8988 if you have questions or need assistance.

STEP 1: Determine maximum loan amount based on Debt Service Coverage Ratio using income and expenses from the property only.

STEP 2: Determine maximum loan amount based on Commercial Fundings's Blended Debt to Income Ratio by including your personal income and expenses.


TOTAL RENTAL INCOME from subject property
NOTE: enter annual rental income fully leased. Loan Sizer will assume 5% vacancy.

TOTAL ANNUAL EXPENSES on subject property
NOTE: do not include loan payments in expenses.

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