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Full Documentation

Our Full Documentation Loan Program requires more information from you to apply and ultimately receive a loan. In general the more information you are able to provide the better your interest rate is likely to be.

In our efforts to make the loan approval process as easy as possible, we've created the following section that outlines the documentation you will need to provide with your Commercial Funding Loan Submission. Occasionally we may need additional information that is not part of this list. In those cases, we will be sure to let you know as soon as possible.


  • Commercial Funding's Mortgage Application (or 1003)
  • Commercial Funding's Loan Supplemental Form
  • Income & Expense (operating history) for prior 24 months.
  • Current Rent Roll (Multifamily) or Lease Summary (Commercial)
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement (for purchases)
  • As many Photos as possible including front, and/or side, rear, parking and street scenes (electronic photos are preferred)
  • Copy of a Tri-merged credit report, or authorization of Applicants to conduct credit check authorization
  • Signed form 4506 authorization to conduct a Tax Verification Report
NOTE: Preliminary Title, Escrow Instructions & Purchase Agreement are required to order appraisal after acceptance of a Conditional Pre-Approval.

All forms available at Loan Form Page or by request, via email at: inquiries@commercialfunding.com


General Documentation:
  • Signed Conditional Loan Pre-approval and Application Fee
  • Current Rent Roll certified by the borrower
  • Past 2 years and YTD operating statements for subject property
  • Color photos of property
  • Current Real Estate Tax Bills
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Completed Environmental questionnaire and any recent environmental reports for the subject property
  • Proof of insurance (hazard, liability and business interruption) with Lender as loss payee, additional insured and mortgage
  • 2 months most recent bank statements and verification of funds to close
For Refinances:
  • Last 12 months payment history, including the terms for mortgage(s) being satisfied
  • Payoff letter(s) for mortgage(s) being satisfied
  • For Self Employed Borrowers, Owner Occupied
  • Properties and / or if Borrower is a Business Entity:
    • Last 2 years and YTD financial statements for the business entity
    • Last 2 years complete, signed IRS tax returns for the business entity
For all Individual Borrowers and Guarantors:
  • Last 2 years personal signed IRS tax returns
  • For credit scores 700 and above, 1 year W-2/1099; for credit scores lower than 700, 2 years W-2/1099
    • Most recent pay stub, dated within 30 days
For Business Entities as Borrowers:
  • Organizational documents
  • If property is located outside the borrowing entity's state of incorporation or formation, a copy of authorization to do business in that state dated within 30 days of closing is required
  • Copies of occupational licenses, if applicable
  • Certificate of Good Standing, if applicable
  • Corporate Resolution permitting Borrower(s) to obtain debt on behalf of the business
For Investor Properties when Single Tenant is Related Entity to Borrower:
  • Last 2 years and YTD Financial Statements of tenant
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