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commercial real estate lending
Commercial Real Estate Lending

Come to Commercial Funding for hassle-free, quick commercial real estate lending, at attractive rates! Call or Contact Commercial Funding Today!

If you are looking for unique commercial real estate lending options for multi-family and commercial properties, you have entered the perfect destination. Helping investors, realtors in achieving their financial goals by obtaining the necessary funding for their commercial property needs, we at Commercial Funding present a reliable commercial real estate lending service that really makes sense, saves you time and money!

Let us provide you with an overview of our commercial real estate lending services:

§ We provide commercial real estate lending facilities for a diverse range of properties, including multi-family, office, retails, industrial, hotel, special purpose commercial properties like mobile home parks and more!

§ Whether you are a small business with requirement of a property loan of less than $3 million, or a large business owner requiring commercial real estate lending options of over $10 million, we cater to all commercial real estate lending applications.

§ Don't worry if you have less than perfect credit profile we may be able to help. Our commercial real estate lending consultants will see to it that your new loan acquisition is made easy and hassle-free.

§ Mortgage rates of your commercial real estate lending, however, will differ, according to your loan size, credit profile, the type and location of your commercial property.

§ Another criterion for a loan approval is that the applicant must qualify under applicable underwriting requirements.

§ We have a list of qualified appraisers based in your area and which appraisals generally cost of $2500 to $4500 (depending on the property location), subject to review by our real estate department.

§ Our flexible underwriting guidelines and minimized documentation requirements provide you with faster closings and simplified loan approval process compared to banks and other commercial real estate lending organizations. This includes our 'Mortgage Application' (referred to as 1003), 'Loan Supplement Form', your income and expense history (for the prior 24 months), your current rent roll or lease summary statements, your purchase and sale agreement, your copy of tri-merged credit report, and a signed authorization form to conduct your tax verification review.

Use the Request Quote form to submit the details of your borrowing needs, and our experienced professionals will get back to you with a free loan quote promptly. Or you can click on one of the "Push to Talk" buttons on this page and we will call you at your convenience you can call our toll free number 888.520.8988 or call directly at 415.921.7800. However you decide to contact us we will be ready to help you with your commercial property financing needs.

Getting commercial real estate lending need not be a hassle. Call or Contact Commercial Funding Today!

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