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commercial loans direct
Commercial Loans Direct

Looking for commercial loans direct from us or from sources we are affiliated with? You have best of both worlds! Call or Contact Commercial Funding Today!

Whether it is for your purchase or for your refinancing of an existing commercial property, it is always beneficial to get commercial loans direct from commercial real estate lenders. For those difficult circumstances where you need to have the financing, you need to contact an organization that will fund your request for commercial loans direct, without intermediaries, and also without upfront mortgage fees. Commercial Funding is just such a lender.

With a goal to provide our clients with mortgage financing tailor-made to their individual financial situations, Commercial Funding comes up with customized commercial loan programs. Whether you are there for commercial mortgage loans or for mortgage refinance for your existing property, we provide commercial loans, direct to our clients (without any affiliate service of any commercial funding source). Apart from providing commercial loans direct from our innovative commercial lenders, we are affiliated with direct lending companies, like banks and other financial service providers to place your project's financing at the competitive rates.

Thus, while commercial loans direct from our commercial lenders at Commercial Funding backs your apartment financing in hard money lending situations, our intermediary services with the capital market give our clients a wide access to the optimum number of potential capital sources. Thus, with commercial loans, direct from us and from our affiliates, we present your loan to a broad spectrum of potential capital sources and maximize your opportunity to secure financing on the best terms.

Some of the types of properties we consider for commercial loans direct from us:

§ Multi-Family
§ Retail/Unanchored shopping Malls
§ Office/Warehouse
§ Industrial/Hospitality
§ Special Purpose, including Outdoor entertainment Centers, Bars, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Mobile Home Parks

We provide competitive commercial real estate loan products as well as commercial loans direct from our efficient commercial real estate lenders for qualified properties with commercial mortgages starting from less than $3 millions. We also cater to medium-sized loans (from $3-$9 millions) and large loans (over $10 millions).

Use the Request Quote form to submit the details of your borrowing needs, and our experienced professionals will get back to you with a free loan quote promptly. Or you can click on one of the "Push to Talk" buttons on this page and we will call you at your convenience you can call our toll free number 888.520.8988 or call directly at 415.921.7800. However you decide to contact us we will be ready to help you with your commercial property financing needs.

Commercial loans, direct from Commercial Funding, saves your time and money! Call or Contact us Today!

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