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bank of america commercial loan
Bank of America Commercial Loan

Bank of America Commercial Loan available through Commercial Funding.

  • Commercial Funding can provide you access to a Bank of America Commercial Loan as well as to other commercial loan products.

  • Learn the pros and cons of financing commercial property with a Bank of America Commercial Loan versus Commercial Funding's commercial property financing options.

Bank of America Commercial Loan is an outstanding national commercial lender that offers its commercial loans for the purchase and refinancing of commercial real estate for many property types, including office buildings and multifamily properties to name a few. Commercial Funding has an established relationship with Bank of America and can provide access to Bank of America Commercial Loan products. Bank of America Commercial will make commercial loans with 15 and 20 year terms among others. The processing of a Bank of America commercial loan is done quickly and with branches around the country can be done face to face with a Bank of America Commercial loan officer. Bank of America Commercial offers both fixed and variable interest rates.

In addition to Bank of America's Commercial loans for small businesses, Bank of America also offers SBA loans for funding of the commercial property. An SBA 504 Loan may be obtained for financing commercial real estate.

In keeping with industry practice, Bank of America requires that you provide full documentation, as set by Bank of America, with your loan application or with the closing materials for its respective commercial loan programs. Generally this will include:

  • Business and Property Information, such as, for example: Business tax ID, Date business was established, Date of current ownership, Business location address and date moved to current address, Purchase contract (in the case of a purchase), Rent rolls, Financial Statements, Tax returns, and a List of outstanding obligations.

  • Information about each business owner/guarantor: Social security numbers, Household location address, Home phone number, Personal gross annual income, Personal tax returns, Date of birth, Residence status and monthly housing payment.

Commercial Funding is a commercial mortgage lender and broker that provides commercial mortgages that cover a wide range of commercial financing needs by maintaining close relationships with many different commercial lenders, including Bank of America. Through Commercial Funding you are able to get access to a Bank of America Commercial Loan and to the loan products of many other lenders. You can Request a Quote online at Commercial Funding. As a result of its many commercial lending relationships Commercial Funding is able to provide access to a wide variety of commercial finance options to meet your commercial financing needs, including among others:

  • Apartment Building Loans
  • Multifamily loans
  • Bridge Loans and Bridge Financing
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Hotel Loans
  • Motel Loans
  • Farm Loans
  • Investment Property Loans

To ensure excellent service we categorize loans into three sizes and provide staff with experience and training to meet the needs of borrowers based on such commercial loan sizing: - small (less than $3 million), medium (between $ 3 and $9 million) and large (more than $10 million). Our expert professionals will help you with prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and effective commercial lending assistance. The features that make our services particularly valuable are:-

  • An Online facility to Request a Quote to get a commercial loan rate or commercial loan rates or to find out more about product availability.
  • An Online facility for providing Contact information and to request that we contact you to provide general information or information about specific loan programs such as bad credit commercial loans.
  • An online Commercial Loan Calculator to allow you to size a commercial loan or to calculate a payment using the commercial mortgage calculator.
  • An online Commercial Real Estate Loan Mortgage Application
  • Competitive rates and pricing.
  • A simplified loan approval process with minimum paper work.
  • 48 hour quotes and pre-approvals.
  • Fast and reliable closing.
  • Options for Full Documentation as well as Stated Income/Asset Programs.
  • A Commitment to customer service.

For more detailed information on a Bank of America Commercial Loan or Commercial Funding's other commercial loan products you have many options for contacting us. You can click on one of the "Push to Talk" buttons on this page and we will call you at your convenience or you can Request a Quote or you can call our toll free number 888.520.8988 or call directly at 415.921.7800 or you can send an email to: inquiries@commercialfunding.com.

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